Issuance of Foreign Investment License in Saudi Arabia


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a fertile and attractive land for foreign investment, and as a result, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia allowed foreign investors to issue foreign investment licenses to establish their investment projects without any problem, in addition to that the Ministry of Investment enables investors to access investment opportunities by facilitating the conditions and procedures for foreign investment in Saudi Arabia, Follow the Justice team with us to find out the conditions for issuing foreign investment licenses in accordance with the laws in force in the Kingdom.

The conditions for issuing foreign investment licenses in Saudi Arabia:

According to the laws & regulations of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, there are certain requirements that the foreign investor should fulfil it in order to issue the investment license which are as the follows:

  • The investment activity that will be licensed should not be included in the list of activities excluded from foreign investment in the Kingdom.
  • The technical specifications of the product and its production method must comply with all Saudi specifications.
  • The license applicant should not have had final judgments or decisions issued against him due to fundamental violations of the provisions of the Saudi Foreign Investment Law.
  • The license applicant must abide by the conditions, controls, declarations and undertakings attached to the investment license application form.

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