Our work is mainly focus the “Corporate” and the “Capital Markets Sector” at (AHMAD AL MALKI & OBAID AL AIAFI LAW FIRM –JUSTICE), based on understanding and covering all the needs of our clients, starting from:

– Listing all types of company in stock market.
Procedures needed for incorporating companies, – completing the scope of consensual liquidation, and liquidating of Assets.
– Increase & decrease of companies share capital.
– Converting companies to private joint stock company & public joint stock company.
– Foreign investment licenses.
– Managing the private deals and corporate governance.
– Managing the corporation’s mergers and acquisitions.
– Preparing all the “Due diligence Studies”.
– Registration of Agencies, Trademarks and Trade Names.
– Establishment and protection of the patent rights.
– Provide the support and representation services for businessmen and foundations in the negotiation process and finalizing & implementing of various transactions.
– Provide the legal representation in Ordinary & Extraordinary General Assemblies and further expressing the “Legal Opinion” regarding the procedures necessary needed to be approved.
– Providing legal advice to the joint stock companies listed on the Saudi Capital Market Authority (CMA).

More Services

Litigation and Disputes Resolution

, We are distinguished at Ahmad AlMalki &Obaid AlAiafi Law Firm(Justice), by our ability to provide legal services to our clients professionally by forming multiple highly qualified and specialized teams capable of dealing with complex legal issues and providing effective solutions that meet the needs and requirements of each client.

The scope of our legal services in this area includes:

Pleading and submitting regulations and memoranda before all courts of various degrees, as well as quasi-judicial committees such as the securities disputes resolution committee, the banking dispute settlement committee, insurance disputes and violations resolution committees, Zakat and tax committees, customs committees and others.
Pleading before the board of grievances : our company provides all consultations related to cases filed with administrative courts of all kinds and one of our most prominent services in this field : pleading for government official bodies –pleading for public shareholding companies – as well as pleading for all types of companies and individuals .
Providing termination services at the competent courts, including (application for exit, listing heirs, proof of wills and endowments) and other terminations.
Providing receivership services, division of estates and judicial liquidation.
Filing appeals before the courts of Appeal, seeking reconsideration and other matters of pleading and litigation.
Filing a cassation application with the Supreme Court.
Demand the execution of judgments (domestic and foreign) and decisions issued by judicial authorities and arbitration bodies.

The scope of our services also extends to everything that will ensure the settlement of the dispute by all alternative methods of settlement such as mediation and conciliation, which serves our clients using our extensive experience, based on our keenness to protect the interests of our clients and avoid litigation procedures and the resulting expenses and prolongation of the conflict.