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Our website provides the service of representing clients and assisting them in drafting the contract of the agreement containing the arbitration clause, arbitration as a method of dispute settlement, it is a simple and time-saving method

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The importance of these issues comes in the light of the world is currently witnessing the increasing resort to arbitration, whether it is institutional arbitration, especially as a detailed and effective means of resolving commercial disputes and investment disputes because of its advantages and because it achieves speed and effectiveness in resolving disputes and maintaining confidentiality in the interests of justice and the maintenance of rights, attention is also turning to friendly means of dispute settlement.

It is similar to litigation before local courts, but instead of being referred to a local court ، They are held before special arbitrators known as arbitrators.

Most international arbitration institutions provide the rules governing the resolution of disputes resolved by arbitration. The most famous arbitration rules include the rules of the ICC International Chamber of Commerce