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Personal status law occupies great importance because of the issues it contains related to family relations, and we have a team of lawyers at the highest level of experience in lawsuits related to various personal status issues, and our interest in these lawsuits is due to the importance of the family in building society, as it is the main component of any society. Personal to set the controls and foundations that organize the family to maintain this strong structure

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As a lawyer website, we specialize in: Proof of parentage lawsuits, divorce lawsuits, wife alimony lawsuits, child custody lawsuits, child vision lawsuits, education expenses lawsuits, treatment expenses lawsuits, inheritance and inheritance issues.

Family courts are filled with thousands of family disputes that are considered daily for adjudication. Its duration may be prolonged due to the legal loopholes in some articles of the legislation. which makes the family courts a legal maze from which it is difficult to get out, Its first victims are children

Inheritance cases in the courts result from several types of crimes of depriving the heirs of the inheritance. The Inheritance Law No. 77 of 1943 has precisely defined the penalty for anyone who refrains from handing over to one of the heirs their legitimate right of inheritance, with imprisonment for a period of no less than 6 months.